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"I am often in awe of artists like Emily Davies who seem to perform and write with such effortless splendour whilst never begging for the limelight or shouting about themselves, so it’s left for people like me to do: EMILY DAVIES IS A SUPREMELY TALENTED SINGER-SONG WRITER WITH A HEAVENLY VOICE AND LYRICS THAT WILL ENTHRALL YOU. Sorry for shouting."
For the full review, visit Listen with Monger 

"Emily’s music is close-up and personal. Her songs have melodies that worm their way into your soul and stories that stay with you forever because they are as true to her as they are to you. Her stories are your stories, and her songs are your songs."
For the full review visit Made In Shoreditch


The Gig Guide with Nigel Tant on Exmouth AIR FM. Talking about songwriting, musical influences and  the challenge of releasing an album during a pandemic. To hear the interview on Mixcloud CLICK HERE

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