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Originally from Herefordshire, via a spell in London, Emily Davies now calls Devon her home and it’s here that’s she’s quietly cementing her reputation as a singer-songwriter of the most enchanting variety. Emily is a seasoned performer, crafting spellbinding sets that are undeniably steeped in the magic of the past, while still maintaining a refreshing air of the new. Her songs blend bittersweet folk with a melodic mix of alt-country and a genuine pop sensibility and showcase a voice that's both breathy, big and soulful too. She is a pure and supremely talented songwriter: spend a little time in her presence and drift away somewhere else entirely.


The Story So Far .


I grew up in a musical family and took piano lessons from a young age, though was too shy to ever play in front of anybody. In my teens, I pestered my brother to learn songs on the guitar that I wanted to sing and we would sometimes venture out of our front room to play gigs in local pubs and folk clubs. When it came time to leave home to study in Nottingham, I realised a little more

self-sufficiency was required so I bought my first guitar and set about teaching myself to play it. The very first song I learnt was one I had longed to sing for years and which still pops up in my live shows from time to time - Joni Mitchell's 'A Case of You'. Having tried (and failed initially) to write songs on the piano, I found that the guitar opened up a new sound and new possibilities and soon the songs began to tumble out.

Years of writing, recording, live gigs and festivals followed; each experience taking me somewhere new and often unexpected and bringing me into contact with all sorts of amazing people, with whom I might never otherwise have crossed paths. I flew to the Seychelles to play Oceanbeat Festival where I got to sing with Talvin Singh and listen to Mozez (Zero 7) play iconic songs off the Simple Things album. I played the Rising Stage at Green Man Festival, got to be part of Laura Marling's Once I Was An Eagle album launch - an immersive  2 week event, produced by Secret Cinema and I supported Ben Taylor, son of the mighty Carly Simon & James Taylor.


During a few years in London, I played a host of legendary venues including The Troubadour, The Bedford, The Garage, Proud Camden, Tooting Tramshed, Magic Garden, The Betsey Trotwood, The Green Note, Roadtrip & The Workshop, Hoxton Square Bar and The Islington - what stories those venues could tell! I have played in living rooms and churches, on beaches and in the ruins of an ancient Welsh castle. I spent many happy gigs as a duo with a wonderful singer-songwriter called Oli Tatler and in a trio called Sugar Mountain, which fulfilled a lifetime ambition of being in a girlband! 

I have been lucky enough to play some great festivals, both nationally and internationally, including Green Man, Dot to Dot, OceanFest, The Big Chill, Smoked & Uncut, Festinho, Together and Love Trails. I have also had the honour of supporting some incredible artists over the years, including Laura Marling, The Swingle Singers, Ben Taylor, Jake Morley, Heidi Talbot and William the Conqueror.

I have independently released three records. In 2012, I spent a week in a cottage in Pembrokeshire, recording my debut EP 'Follow You', the title track of which was written for my brother and which is still a setlist favourite.  A second EP 'The Angel's Share followed in 2014, featuring a talented line-up of musical collaborators and brought to vivid life by producer Dave Laycock. My debut album, Free to Roam, was released on 11 December 2020 and is available HERE. I have a new record called Start Anew which will be released on 21 June. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for singles from the new record which will be released between now and then.

Music makes me happier than anything else I know - it has taken me on some wild and unexpected adventures, given me some of my most treasured memories and I can't wait for the next chapters to unfold.

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